Hello! I’m Kayleigh, wife to David, mum to 3 little ladies, and Human Resources professional, currently working as an HR Manager for a large organisation in the South East. I’ve been working in the field of HR for nearly 10 years now (giving my age away here) I have a post graduate diploma in Human Resource Management and for anyone that this means anything to, I’m CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development) qualified. I like to think I know my stuff. Mostly.

When I was younger I just knew I was going to grow up and be one of those glamorous mums who rock up to school pick-up in their spangly new Range Rover. I would never stop buying myself nice clothes and expensive make up and I would always take lots of amazing holidays to luxurious places (I would absolutely NOT be partaking in a camping holiday uh-uh, no way, never).

All this because I was going to make it. Like really make it. I was going to be successful…

And then parenthood came along. And things changed. Suddenly my career wasn’t the most important thing in the world anymore. This precious little person that I had created was. I remember thinking that I didn’t care about work, I didn’t care about money or holidays, I just wanted to spend the rest of my time looking after my baby. The thought of going back to work filled me with dread. However sadly finances forced my hand and after the initial few episodes of crying outside nursery (okay so this was me, not my baby) I actually found that I enjoyed being back at work. I enjoyed being me again. Kayleigh. Not just mummy.


However things had changed. How could they not? I was no longer that employee who would stay late to meet deadlines or go straight from work to the staff socials. I had something more important to do. Be a mum.

I like to think that I have been able to forge my career simultaneously to being a mum but I know deep down that I am not in the place career wise that I would be if I hadn’t had children. Or if I had had my babies later in life. And that’s ok. Because it’s all about balance, (that old cliche here guys- ‘work-life balance’). Ok so the Range Rover might instead be a 7 year old family wagon which saw my street cred fly out of the child-sun-blind-incorporated window, and my clothing needs always come secondary to my kids (seriously the shoes these kids get through though). I might even have set foot on a camp site (ok so I didn’t actually camp, but still, you get the point I’m making here). But I now know that what I have is more important than all that. My family.


And that is what this site is all about. Work. Life. Balance. Balancing parenthood with life. Understanding your rights as an employee and the options you have in making work fit around your family. It’s not easy, of course it’s not. Some employers make it harder than others. But if you understand your rights then that’s a start… right?

Kayleigh x




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