So I’ll be honest. My middle child is not a fan of books. Whilst my eldest is eagerly making her way through the whole of the Roald Dahl collection, (with a bit of help from us, although jeez, I often skim over some of the metaphors, praying she won’t request an explanation) number two could not be less interested in reading.

That was until we received a book that featured one of her favourite things; rock painting. This craze has hit the village we live in hard, and admittedly it does make walking around the village with the kids a lot more exciting (until one of them finds a rock and the other one doesn’t; cue full on melt downs and whinges of life being SO UNFAIR).

Anyway, my eldest of course was eager to read The Fairy Wish as soon as she saw it arrive in the post. When we settled down to read it, my middle daughter did so with her usual disinterest, that was until she realised that this book was a little bit different.

The story itself was a lovely tale about a little girl who dreamt of being a fairy and found her wish came true! The rhyming text means it flows well and is easy for little ones to follow and engage with. However the best bit for my girls by far was that hidden within each beautifully illustrated page is a painted stone with a letter on. My eldest in particular loved this and immediately dashed to get a pen and paper to write down the letters so that she could work out what the word said.

It took us a few a while (some of the letters are hard to find and admittedly we did have to stop about 8 times to retrieve a dummy off the floor for the baby who was in her room refusing to sleep) but much to the girls delight, we cracked the code and worked out what the word said.

Overall, if you have a child who loves rock painting, fairies, or just general magical stories, this book will be a sure fire hit!!

Kayleigh x

We were sent this book to review by Luis Westen at Single Daddy Daycare in exchange for this review but opinions are all from my own sleep deprived brain….

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